About Our Company

Somali Business Online.

  1. Background

Somali Busines Online (SBO) was established in January, 2019 in Bosaso city, Puntland state of Somalia.

We are e-commerce business that allows small & medium sized businesses in Puntland in particular to sell their products online using the company’s website. Businesses or merchants can open vendor accounts and upload their products and start selling their merchandise directly. The merchants can also contact the SBO office, so the company handles all their sales on the website directly. The direct sell of merchant products by SBO is based on the fact that many small business owners may not be able to operate their side of the website, hence, we do the heavy lifting for them instead.

Because of the widespread use of e-commerce in the world and the increase of the internet connection in Somalia as well as the large use of smart phones, the company decided to launch its business to serve the market and allow people of Puntland to buy goods online. All goods purchased from the website will be delivered to the customer by SBO delivery service. In some cases, the person may order the goods and pick them up him/herself from the vendor.

Our company is currently operating in Bosaso city, the largest commercial city in Puntland and will soon embark to expand our operations to other cities and towns in Puntland state of Somalia.